Mirosław Kozłowski

Marine Consultant


ul. Koperkowa 47C

81-589 Gdynia, Poland


tel: +48 603-78-54-03

e-mail: fortis(at)

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VAT: PL 586-113-91-56


Based on practical experience and in cooperation with a partner, Fortis Marine assists in selection of most suitable reconditioning methods. For high value mechanical parts Fortis Marine recommends laser cladding as best, safest and most reliable method. Laser cladding can be utilized for reconditioning of whole range of turbine shafts, big-size electromotor shafts, transmission shafts, piston crowns, exhaust valves, etc. For class components repairs, procedures are subject to class approval. For more information please click here.  

Laser cladding is unique technology, which gives following advantages: 

    • Environmentally friendly approach
    • Enhanced Durability – reconditioned components last longer than new ones
    • Ideal for surface improvements – wear resistance and protection
    • Cost effective repairs of high value parts
    • Repair layer is bonded to base material by weld connection
    • Low heat input, low thermal distortion on components
    • Close to net shape – short machining time, low wastage
    • Possibility of repair conventionally non-repairable parts
    • Possibility or repair of thin-walled parts
    • Shorter down times / cost savings